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CollegeDudes - Dante Rosa Fucking David Austin
David Austin and Dante Rosa take turns sprinkling tender kisses across each other’s chest, neck and lips before Dante uses his mouth on David’s cock instead.  Taking that dick between his lips, he licks and sucks on that sweet meat, his tongue stroking David’s balls as he moves to deepthroat that cock.  They switch places so that David has a chance to get a good taste of Dante’s member, wrapping his mouth around it and letting that thick cock slide down his throat as Dante moans for more.

But David’s oral treats aren’t over as Dante gets him on all fours on the bed and eats his ass, rimming that tight hole and then lubing his throbbing cock up before pushing it between David’s ass cheeks.  Finding that hole, Dante enters David’s ass and fucks him hard, giving him the full length of his cock as Dante takes it all and arches his back for more.  Turning Dante over, David spreads Dante’s ass and pounds him more until he makes Dante shoot his load and then David pulls out and nuts, his cum thick across Dante as he spills his seed.
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