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JapanBoyz - Totally Tomohisa
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(This is a mini-compilation of Tomohisa's pair-ups with Shosei, Khan, Kinjiro and Fuji.)

Released 24 May 2019

How about a holiday to celebrate the talents and beauty of one of Japanboyz' most scintillating models, perfect bottom Tomohisa? Let's watch him paired up in some hot hookups over his meteoric career. Proper schoolboy twink type Shosei is all kisses and cuddles till he fucks a load out of our man Tomohisa.

Next up in our parade of tops is shaggy haired trendy Khan in a romantic pairing of two sweet innocents. Their smooth tight bodies complement each other perfectly, and the blissful look on Tomohisa's face is matched by the intensity in Khan's eyes as he looks at Tomo like a loving friend.

Kinjiro presents a study in contrasts, with his masculine bearded looks balancing Tomohisa's boyish prettiness. The thick bush of dark pubes and patch of chest hair leave no doubt that this is a manly stud who is spraying his cum into a thick puddle on Tomohisa's sticky lap.

The main event is Fuji and Tomohisa, a pairing of two favorites. Starting out as a massage with both young studs in matching indigo briefs, this turns hot and sexxxy as soon as Fuji pulls down the undies and buries his face in Tomohisa's hungry crack. A few licks from nutsack to hole and Tomo can't wait to get his hole plowed by the Japanboyz reigning superstar. He holds his legs wide open to welcome every powerful thrust and the two star models spurt their sperm together in a powerful climax.
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