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BigDikFactory - Schoolmates 5 Year Book Confidential (splited scenes)
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1. Spanish Tutoring  
Antonio (bdf) OgrAbRr, Jason Sizemore OrgAtRg
Jason gets Spanish lessons from Antonio. Jason needs to know what "pinga grande" means. When the teaches asks him if he has a pinga grande, Jason says yes and show it off. Teacher has to put it down his throat to get a better feeling for it's size. He goes the final length by sitting on it.

2. Year Book Photos  
Steve Vanila Org, Donavin Fitch Ogr
A photographer gets Steve Vanila and Donavin Fitch to take off their clothes for their yearbook picture. Naked, they can't keep their hand off each other. In an unusual shot, they manage to come simultaneously.

3. Justin Slater (00) solo, Paul Pickford solo
Justin is snapping his designer white briefs which is annoying Paul because Paul has to study. Justin taunts Paul with his ripped bare torso and Paul flashes back to memories of each of them jerking off.

4. Handy Man  
Justin Slater (00) OgrAtRg, Chris Berretta OgrAbRr
Justin (now with blond hair) takes over the photography business after the previous one was fired. He gets the school handy man to disrobe for the camera and more. They both pose their long cocks for each other fluffing when necessary and then head to be bedroom for more intense activities.

5. Dick Measuring  
Jason Sizemore Org, Dylan Hunter Ogr, David Ocean
Jason and Dyan get into a dick measuring contest. The do have to do some oral work get get fully inflated. They each get 9 inches (by cheating) and 7 inches around then decide they need a third party oralist to complete the judgment. David agrees to do the job, concluding that Dylan is longer and Jason is thicker, then taking his shirt off and sucking them both some more.
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