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CollegeDudes - Alex Meyer On His Knees To Suck Mike Lobo Off
Released July 30, 2019

Kissing leads to cock sucking as Mike Lobo and Alex Meyer go at it, Alex dropping to his knees to suck on Mike’s big dick.  Taking that veiny prick in his mouth, Alex works that shaft as Mike pushes deeper and then they switch so that Mike can get a taste of Alex’s meat.  Mike works Alex’s prick with his lips and tongue and then turns him around on the bed and buries his face between Alex’s ass.  Rimming Alex’s hole, Mike shoves his tongue deeper, getting Alex nice and wet before he pushes his rock hard dick into Alex’s freshly licked hole.
Fucking him doggy style, Mike pumps his cock into Alex, getting deep into that ass before Alex turns over onto his back to get that ass dominated from a different angle.  Mike growls low in his throat as he pounds Alex, that tight ass too good around his throbbing cock as he spreads Alex apart and fucks him hard.  Alex grabs for his own dick and strokes himself until he’s unleashing ropes of hot jizz, and Mike’s cum splatters on top of that as he nuts hard!
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