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Hard Steal (1990) Catalina C1R mp4
analoralgeneral hardcorecondoms
director John Travis

Jason Ross
Joey Stefano
John Clayton
Rod Phillips
Steven Gibson
Tony Erickson
N Alan Fredericks butler
N Gary Holmes Wally
foot notes:
N=Non-sexual role

Have you checked your jewels lately? Are they prepared for a HARD STEAL? Director John Travis, A.V.N.'s Best Director 1989 for "Undercover," teams up with Image Studios and ready-man super model Rod Phillips in a jewel-grabbing mystery of Hot Rocks with Hard Cocks. Hard Steal takes you on the hard-pounding, all male trail of felony fantasy. The cop-and-robbers cumfest has the horny hunks you need when the family jewels are up for grabs and aching...Aching for a HARD STEAL.
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