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ChaosMen - 2194 - Davos solo (1080p)
Release date: October 8, 2018

Video Number: 2194

Davos is a hot Puerto Rican dude. He has some major mass on him. At 6'3" and a beefy muscular build, he has quite a presence. But in person, he is very sweet, and loves to chat and just hang with friends.

He is gay, and likes all kinds of guys, but the more mature ones, say between 30-40, draw his attention more. He came Out late in life, and does not have a lot of experience, so I think he is drawn to stable guys, who have the experience to show him the ropes.

He says he is likely more of a Bottom, but again, does not seem to have a lot of experience.

Davos also loves nipple play! I get emails now and then, demanding I put more of this in the videos, but so many of the guys don't like their nipples played with, it just never comes up. But not only does Davos love constant contact to his nipples, he loves sucking and playing with big nipples on other guys. I do believe this activity has turned into fetish for him.

So, in all of his videos, we focus on his love of nipple play. Even in this solo video, he is dialing his knobs quite a bit.

His nips are not neglected for his tremendous cum shot. Davos has his left hand's fingers splayed across to both nipples so they both get equal attention while he blasts a huge load of cum out of his cock!
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