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ChaosMen - 2111 - Cypher Solo
Release date: April 9, 2018

Video Number: 2111

Cypher is appropriately named. He definitely had me confused trying to pin down his sexuality and tastes.

He says he is Polyamorous, and I was trying to nail down what that meant. Not for you, but mainly what videos he wanted me to play while he jacks-off for us.

He went over the list of female traits he liked, and wanted to watch straight porn. I asked him about guys, so he listed off what he would likely watch which was pretty standard white, jock types.

So, he actually took me by surprise when he said he was into black guys during his interview. You can hear me sound surprised because we had JUST discussed what videos to put on, and it was quite a debate. Anyway, he stuck to watching girls get fucked while he fingered his hole and jerked his cock.

I would say the 'finger in the butt' trick was when he really got the hardest. He does say when he is with guys, he is very passive and likes to let them take charge, so I am just going to put him in the Bottom category.

His cum shot is quite expressive and he watches himself on the monitors, getting-off on the idea that you all might be jerking-off with him!
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