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Revved Up (1999) Matt Sterling International DVD
analoralgeneral hardcorecondoms
director Marc Fredrics

Colby Tavers
Helmut Pradi
Horst Boltanyi
Ian Chessler
Ivan Kurikov
Jorge Promov
Kurt Trivana
Serge Evanoff
Toby Scholtz
Zoli Manetz
Zoltan Nickols

Introducing sensational newcomer, Ian Chessler, in a triple X-rated thriller that's a hard-driving sexual adventure filmed entirely in Hungary. Super-hung Ian, and 10 other uncut horny hunks, take on one another in a no-holeds-barred exploration of their manhood. Driven by the raging sexual hunger typical of young males, Revved Up delivers all the hot, non-stop action in a very big way.

1. Serge Evanoff, Horst Boltanyi

2. Colby Tavers, Kurt Trivana, Zoli Manetz

3. Zoltan Nickols, Toby Scholtz, Helmut Pradi

4. Jorge Promov, Ian Chessler, Ivan Kurikov
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