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Magnus - Rough Workout 4
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The gym can be a rough place with lots of hard lifting and conditioning. It doesn't make it any easier when the hot stud next to you seems to be getting off while you cringe and strain to lift those weights. But you know you get all that testosterone in one place, something horny is bound to happen...

1. Park Wiley OgAb, Billy Long OrAt
While doing some bench workouts, big black dick stud Billy Long suddenly realized his partner was trying to play with his cock right in the middle of his workout! Oh well I guess muscle building can wait for some hardcore sex!
In a bare blue room, with a white door and black trim, on black weight chair with a red headrest. Park Wiley (white, close-cut hair, green sleeveless t-shirt) sucks and bottoms for Billy Long (black, shiny bald, white sleeveless t-shirt).

2. Mitch Brawn, Steven Richards (00s)
Hot DILFs Mitch Brawn and Steven Richards were undressing in the locker room after a heavy workout when they caught a glimpse of each other's hot bodies and couldn't help but get turned on! Check out these muscular dads as they suck and fuck each other right on the spot!

3. Ryan Starr (emp) OgAb, Black Hawk (00s) OrAt
Big dick black stud Black Hawk just can't get a regular workout in without some of the other guys in the gym coming up to him and hitting on him. Fortunately he's ready to take a break in between his sets for some hot gay sex!
[On a narrow weight lifting support, against a blue wall,  Black Hawk (brown, tattoos on left chest and on right side) is sucked by and tops Ryan Starr (white, goatee, mustache, receding hairline).]

action notes: O=Oral; A=Anal; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top

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