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eBoys Video - Ikarus Entertainment - Porn Factory (2003)
Talk about HOT. This pseudo behind the scenes look at porn is a must have!

We start out with a hot euro guy who goes to the studio's bar to take a break from shooting. While there he gets a lot more than a coke and a smile from the bartender. They both suck and fuck each other right there in the bar.

Next we have David who is at an audition in the producer's office. The producer orders David a drink, which is delivered by the same bartender as in the previous scene. He again delivers more than just a drink and he and David have some hot sex. David starts out sucking the bartender's huge dick and then eats his ass. David then gets his ass plowed by the bartender in various positions.

Next we get to see four more hot muscle studs filming a scene. Lots of hot oral and rimming in this scene. One guy gets fucked by two dicks at the same time.

In the next scene there are two super hot studs making out. Pretty soon they are both naked and sucking each other's dicks. After they start fucking a third guy walks in and decides he needs to join them. God these guys are hot and have really hot sex that ends up in a three-man fuck train.

Then we see three more hot guys who are playing around with each other between scenes. They are then joined by a fourth for some super hot sucking and fucking.

We then see two hot guys filming a cowboy/barnyard scene. After briefly making out the Wranglers come off and the legs go up in the air. We get to see the two cowboys suck and fuck in various positions until their screaming orgasms. One guy is so turned on he shoots his load without even touching his dick!

This movie if filled to the brim with super hot guys, super hot cocks and super hot sex. Not much of a plot, but trust me that is the last thing you are going to be thinking about. This one is sure to keep you cumming again and again. I am definitely keeping this movie as part of my collection.

Eboys Video hired Conny Haller whose movie "French Erection" got the Venus 2003 Award for "Best Gay Movie" in Berlin Germany. Conny invites you behind the scene of a gay movie production. 14 gorgeous and muscular guys, each hotter than hell, not only perform on stage, but also in the breaks at the bar or in the producer's office. They are hungry for big and juicy dicks and shoot huge loads all over the place. 100 minutes of wild and hot action in 16:9 widescreen format. Look yourself and see whether this can be toppped. This is the only Bob Duncan video. Stars also making their debut in this video: Philipp Randi, Martin Snador, Roberto Strano, Johnny Sullivan.

Starring Kid, Gustavo, Giovanni Floretto, Jonathan Collins, Bob Duncan, Adam Gosett, Steffi Keyser, Philipp Randi, David Scott, Ricci Silverado, Martin Snador, Roberto Strano, Johnny Sullivan

Label Eboys Studio

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