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Aaron Stars Hot Nude Yoga - Strength (2005 / English / USA)
Aaron Star has taught Hot Nude Yoga classes in New York City since 1998. Here's your chance to partake in four naked yoga, body strengthening classes, each with a different group of sexy young men. For the first time ever, Aaron has opened up his private sensual yoga classes to a film crew and convinced a hand-picked group of his actual students to get naked in front of the cameras.
The Hot Nude Yoga series of yoga programs transcends the typical instructional video. Beautifully shot in widescreen format, these comprehensive DVDs play more like documentary, than instructional. The men arrive at Aaron�s sun-filled loft in the heart of gay Chelsea, and the hand-held cameras seem to be everywhere at once, as the students warmly greet one another and take off their clothes for a hot and sweaty yoga session with Aaron.

This body strengthening workout provides a yoga challenge, pushing your limits, while offering detailed instruction on how to improve your yoga postures. Get a group of friends together and let these 10 handsome men guide you through a yoga workout you won't forget.

Like participating in one of Aaron Star's remarkable classes, these Hot Nude Yoga DVDs can be a life-transforming tool. Each DVD begins with a welcome as the soon-to-be nude men greet each other and prepare for the class. There is candlelight and an excellent music track, obviously composed for these DVDs. The excerises are demonstrated by a class of a variety of men with all abilities. If you are new to yoga start with the Virgin DVD and take some classes at your gym or yoga studio. Within a matter of weeks your body will tone up and you wil start to feel more composed and comfortable with yourself. Yoga is a thousands year-old discipline and Aaron Star is a master Yogi. This is the first gay nude yoga series we can highly recommend. Sink into Aaron Star's class and enjoy.

2005, 61 min
Country:  US
Studio:  Shanti Light Bearers Alliance
Cast:  Aaron Star

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