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Sean Cody SC1118 Robbie
Released October 2, 2010

I’ve met some tall boys lately and 20-year-old Robbie is definitely one of them! He’s a charming guy from Texas with a sexy southern drawl, nice eyes, a big bright smile and a ripped, lean physique. When he told me he played basketball all through junior high and high school I wasn’t surprised.

Robbie wasn’t shy about getting naked. He spends almost every day in the gym and he loves to show off his hot body. And when he shoots, he cums a lot!

“Have you ever tasted your own cum before?”

“Yeah, one time," he replied. "It was sweet.”

I wanted to see Robbie’s basketball moves so we hit the courts outside. He’s got a killer jump shot and he can dunk like a pro. He decided to get in a little calisthenics workout on the court and then he moved over to the jungle gym to show off a little doing some pull-ups. I noticed he was wearing a jock strap under his shorts and asked him to show it to me, but he was a little shy. So, back at home, before he hit the shower he let me see it and it was hot! He’s got a great ass, perfect for a jock strap...
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