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Titan - Mens Room 2 - Gale Force (2005) DVD
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director Joe Gage

Blu Kennedy
Cliff Rhodes
Darren Stone
Gus Mattox
Hunt Parker
Jacob Slader
Justin Gemineye
Marco Paris
Mike Grant
Nick Parker (us)
Rhet Hengst
T.J. Taylor
Trey Rexx

Gale Force is legendary director Joe Gage's wettest movie ever. The hurricane raging outside has nothing on the torrent of watersports spraying the sleazy men's room where some of the nastiest, roughest TitanMen have taken shelter.

In typical Gage fashion, Gale Force keeps breaking the erotic mold. Its three separate hour-long scenes let character and situation brew. So you get some mindfuck with your sex, and the sex is sensational. What else would you expect from heavy-hung, rough-hewn TitanMen exclusives like Cliff Rhodes and Hunt Parker, plus stunning stars Jacob Slader, Gus Mattox, Trey Rexx and Mike Grant, a hairy-chested, plays-like-a-pig newcomer to the TitanMen trough?

When the guys aren't soaking up the piss, their fuckbucket, cumsponge action never quits. Some mechanics take a mauling and a couple of soldiers get splayed and sprayed. And when the sheriff breaks up a rumble between street punks and frat boys, they find the long arm of the law reaches right for their cocks.

Over three hours of action. Thirty four ball-busting cum shots. Joe Gage's MEN'S ROOM II: Gale Force is a maelstrom of sweaty, hard-hitting action—real guys, really getting off. In the bonus content, the guys' photo sessions and interviews are a gas—and Rexx gets his pretty white ass dildo-plugged!

Note: this is the original DVD, not the Director's Edit

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