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Love or Whatever Full BD25 1080p
Romantic ComedyRomanceLos AngelesBoyfriendsRelationshipsBisexualFamilyBreak UpFag Hag
Corey had it all - a successful career, a sister who's his best friend and most of all, a bright future with his boyfriend. But, when the boyfriend dumps him for a woman, Corey sets off on a wild journey of self-discovery that leads him to new love and a life-changing choices.

Director: Rosser Goodman
Writers: Dennis Bush, Cait Brennan
Stars: Tyler Poelle, Joel Rush, Jennifer Elise Cox

By and large, things are going well for Corey. He's a successful young therapist who recently purchased a gorgeous pair of engagement rings. Corey plans to propose to his long-term boyfriend Jon. Jon, however, might not be ready for such an important life-long commitment. In an effort to sew his wild oats, Jon begins having an affair with a woman. Worse yet, it turns out that she's one of Corey's patients! The formerly happy couple is soon broken apart and Corey is devastated—that is, until his brassy, lesbian sister Kelsey introduces him to the wonders of social media and how easy it is for gay men to get laid these days. Faster than you can log into Grindr, Corey begins seeing a hunky guy named Pete. Pete seems to have everything a young, successful gay guy could ask for, but when Jon comes crawling back for forgiveness, Corey finds himself with a very difficult decision to make. Love or Whatever is packed with hysterically funny dialogue, a stellar cast which includes plenty of beefy eye candy and a perfect balance between wild humor and heart-warming romance.

Love or Whatever was a big hit when it premiered at Philadelphia QFest.

The movie features incredibly funny supporting performances by Jennifer Elise Cox and Kate Flannery.

A sweet and sexy romantic comedy - Tyler Poelle, Joel Rush and David Wilson Page are all supreme cuties.
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