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BodyProd - Berlin
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Berlin opens with Magnus (cute, bleach blonde) and Karl (manly, Prince Albert in penile head) getting busy with Kosma (youngish, military haircut, hung) in an outdoor cruising area. Magnus sucks Kosma's sizable wiener, before slamming his Teutonic ass in several titillating positions. I would've liked to see more foreplay before actual penetration, but thatÂ’s the breaks.
Next, super-yummy Hammer (light brown hair, furry, large bratwurst) and Glenn (black hair, grizzled, small Vienna sausage) fulfill their fantasy of shtupping one another.
Glenn gobbles Hammer's huge dork for a while, before the aforementioned man-prod ends up deep within Glenn's pooper. Hammer also has a pendulous nutsac that sways to and fro throughout the scene. They both end up popping sizeable, though not overwhelming, amounts of man-goo.
The next scene pairs uber-dad Karl with uber-Aryan Carston for some leather-bound hijinks. As Karl's "slave," Carston is forced to, get this, suck his dick! I know it sounds crazy, but here it is, in full living color. Anyway, after a lengthy suckfest, Carston ends up in a sling, legs akimbo. Karl proceeds to ram his frankfurter into Carston's crapper in a variety of positions until Carston shoots his load all over Karl's boot and licks it up.
The final scene is the film's best - a foursome betwixt Magnus, Karl, Heinz (dark-haired, bearded, hairy) and Tobias (mature, phenomenal body and walnut-cracking buttcheeks). This high-energy fourway orgy has it all, from sucking to rimming to fucking. Things reach a feverish pitch when Tobias leans against a wall and the other three guys pull a train on him, taking turns poking his pooper.
Though the box cover leads you to believe that Berlin is a hardcore leather flick, it actually contains only the one leather dungeon scene, and it's pretty darn vanilla at that. However, I was pleased to find that the film had a great mix of types, a slightly underground feel and even some peeks at Germany's stunning architecture.

Cast: Stefan Karl, Magnus, Michael Kosma, Stefan Hammer, Derik Glenn, Karl Heinz, Alfredo Tobias, Heinze Carsten

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