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ChaosMen - 2299 - Argos & Espen Raw (720p)
Release date: June 28, 2019

Video Number: 2299

Argos took one look at Espen's big cock and worried he would not be able to take it.

So, we started him off slow with a butt-plug. Espen slowly slides it, stretching Argos's hole just enough so that later Espen can wedge his cock inside of him. Espen then makes Argos suck his cock while he waited for Argo's hole to be ready for some pounding.

Espen slid the plug out and then fairly easily guides his cock into Argos while being fucked doggie-style. It didn�t take much time before Espen could fuck more aggressively. Argos took it like a champ.

Next, Argos gets fucked on his back which is his all-time favorite position to get fucked in. He edges himself the whole time.

Argos want to ride Espen after that, and found edging his cock in that position worked easily as well as on his back.

Argo's ramps up to cum and just as he is nutting, Espen's cock slides out. Argos cums a ton, creating a steam of jizz right down the center of Espen's abdominals.

Espen jerks his cock while Argos hover's his ass hole over it. Espe gets close, but unable able to see well, has Argos slide down on his cock before he is shooting. Not a lot of cum drips out, but Espen filled Argos up with his seed, and true fans of breeding will love seeing Espen fill Argos up!
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