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CockyBoys - Pierre Fitch And Lukas Grande Flip-Fuck
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Lukas couldn't wait to meet Pierre and do a scene with him. He admits that Pierre is a huge inspiration for him and he has jerked off to his scenes many times. And of course Pierre couldn't wait to show Lukas some of that Canadian hospitality that Montreal is famous for. The two wasted no time getting down to business and Lukas' dream of tasting Pierre's cock has now finally come true. He goes down on it as if he has waited his whole life to suck that dick. He so obediently gags on Pierre's big cock, sucks his balls, and gets slapped in the face with that monster piece of meat until his own cock is rock hard and he is ready to put it in Pierre's mouth. But who are we kidding? It's obviously that both of them wanted the same thing and they wanted it right then and there! So Lukas finally bends over and bites his lip as Pierre's massive cock makes its way into his hungry hole. Next thing you know, Pierre is on his back and it is now Lukas' turn to plow. And boy does he plow! He fucks Pierre like that and then flips him over on all fours before finally getting on his back to get fucked by Pierre one more time. Of course, as it always happens, it only takes a few minutes before they're both drenched in cum. Lucky Lukas!
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