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Titan Men - Hung The Best Of David Anthony
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David Anthony is one of the most iconic TitanMen ever to grace the screen! His handsome face, muscular body and big cock make him one of the most requested superstars of all time. Now for the first time ever his very best performances are gathered together for Hung: The Best of David Anthony. This limited edition release features six scenes of big hard cocks and hours of ass-pounding action starring David Anthony and other hung studs from TitanMen's stable of men... Christopher Saint, Philippe Ferro, Scotch Inkom, Bryan Slater, Jock Hudson, and features scenes from Reflex, Scorched, Swelter, Toolbox, Payload and Thrill Ride.

1. Christopher Saint, David Anthony
Long known for his artistic set design and vision, director Brian Mills continues the trend in the opening scene. Bathed in shadows, light and color as the ripple effect of water adds to the soothing sexual ambience, Christopher Saint explores his hard muscular body as he sits by the pool on a dark night. Grazing his own hole and fingering his foreskin, he catches the attention of David Anthony — whose perfect body descends the stairs and approaches Christopher from behind, rubbing the seated hunk's skin. After kissing, milking David's pecs and stroking, Christopher unbuttons his seducer's jeans — unleashing a monster cock that has him smiling and opening wide. With their arms wrapped around each other, the two engage in a deep and slurpy face fuck. Christopher stands up to feed his uncut rod to David, who gets the shaft dripping wet before the two squirt out their loads. Now bent over the chair, Christopher gets his smooth hole eaten by David — who slides his condomed shaft inside for a steamy fuck that starts slow but gets increasingly faster, causing the bottom's body to glisten with sweat. Now on his back, Christopher gets plowed again as a great overhead shot captures every inch of the stunning fuck. As the men grip each other's muscular arms, two more loads and a sultry kiss end the action.

2. Jock Hudson, David Anthony
Relaxing on the patio, Jock Hudson rubs his hairy chest as he strokes his stiff slab. Tan god David Anthony approaches the seated stud, feeding him a thumb. Jock flashes his signature smile — then buries his bearded face on his bud's massive jean bulge. With David's monster cock soon unleashed, Jock milks it like a madman — beautifully tonguing and teasing the shaft before he dives down deep. The two take turns whipping David's cock up, Jock's tongue soon demanding a kiss. David grabs hold of his sac and feeds his balls to Jock, who also gets more fingers and dick in his hungry mouth as he strokes his own big beauty. As his balls get licked, David shoots his load on Jock — who rubs the cum into his hairy bod before squirting. Jock gets his hole slurped, also bending his limber body to stroke David at the same time. The top soon grinds his beast on Jock's gorgeous tan-lined ass before fucking him deep, working up a great rhythm as he plows him from behind. David's muscles tighten and twitch as he gets Jock breathing hard. Soon on his back, the bottom strokes his hard-on as he gets fucked, the two staring at each other as their smiles light up the screen. David spits down on Jock's boner as he fucks him, then feeds him more fingers before dousing him with another huge load as an "Oh fuck!" fills the air. Jock rubs the cum in again before another kiss ends the action.

3. David Anthony, Gio Forte
With his remarkably ripped body glistening with sweat in the moonlight, a stunning David Anthony whips out his monster cock and teases it as he rubs his body. Out of the darkness appears beefy Gio Forte, a bald-and-bearded stud who wastes no time getting his hands and tongue all over David. Gio touches and sniffs David's balls and cock, which gets whipped on his begging tongue. Gio finally opens wide as the veins on his neck burst. "Choke on it!" demands David as gag sounds fill the air. What follows is a cock-worshipping session of the hottest degree, with the two smiling men into every aggressive, spit-soaked second of it. Gio chugs it like a pro, whipping it all over his face and bod and feasting on David's sac. Just when you think it can't get any hotter, super-toned Bryan Slater shows up with his huge, super-stiff boner — a big beauty that competes for position inside Gio's lucky mouth. As the two handsome studs kiss above, Gio gets assaulted by big cock. After the lengthy suck session, the three shoot — with Bryan wiping Gio's cum onto his own hand and using it as lube. As day arrives, Gio works his way in between the tactile tops, sucking on David while getting eaten and fucked by Bryan. The two tops — their chiseled muscles tightening up — have their hands all over each other and a moaning Gio during the unforgettable fuck filled with kissing. Bryan varies his tempo, then switches positions with David as a smilingGio yells, "Pound it!" The hottest shot follows: a fuck train with Bryan impressively sandwiched between the two, fucking hard Gio as he gets slammed by David (with all three cocks hard as a rock). Bryan gets deep inside Gio, and soon the three squirt again — including a hot load from David that soaks Bryan's leg and a gusher from Gio that douses Bryan's abs — ending what is sure to be one of the year's most talked-about scenes.

4. David Anthony, Fabio Stallone
While hammering outside, handsome David Anthony has a request for eager helper Fabio Stallone: "Go get me a crowbar, boy!" But as Fabio bends down and follows orders, David gets another idea – pulling down his jeans to reveal his massive meat. "You like big cocks?" asks David as a mesmerized Fabio stares. After teasing his assistant and making him beg for it, David allows Fabio to feast, the impressive suck highlighted by some deep-throat action. Spit drips down David's beast, which Fabio takes to the root. David also plays with his big pre-cum strands as they dangle and glisten in a hot sequence. He soon drops down to return the oral favor, the vein on his neck bulging as he repeatedly deep-throats Fabio's big, uncut cock. David gags as spit soaks his goatee, the two soon squirting. Now bent over a picnic table, Fabio takes a dildo up his ass before getting the real thing. David's muscular shoulders and chest clench as he pounds away in a beautiful visual. After more dildo fucking, Fabio gets on his back and strokes his boner as David fucks him again, with two more loads soon coating the bottom's hot bod.

5. David Anthony, Ethan Hudson, Scotch Inkom
Left alone, painters David Anthony and Ethan Hunter get distracted. The dark and mustachioed David reaches for Ethan's ass, his co-worker soon on his knees. Ethan masterfully teases David's beast, brushing his face and mouth against it as he sniffs it, his breath warming it up before he grabs hold and sucks like a champ. Ethan's boner as spit soaks them both. Co-worker Scotch Inkom returns, inserting his tall, tattooed and muscular bod into the action. Ethan orders Scotch to show off his muscle ass, which is soon slurped by David. The three shoot, two white-hot loads landing on David's pecs and sliding down his tan body. Soon between his buds, Ethan gets munched by David while slurping Scotch -- who then rams him from behind as David strokes. The voyeur soon slides his dick inside Scotch, a gorgeous fuck train taking over. Scotch moans and arches his back as David enters him and wraps his arm around him. David sits and strokes in a chair as Scotch continues to fuck Ethan, but the versatile hunk wants more of David's dick. With his stiff-as-steel boner bouncing up and down, the sweaty Scotch rides like a pro, getting rubbed by David as the two lock eyes and lips in an intense sequence. The bottom's load soon lands on David's thigh, the top then fucking Ethan again. The tight-abbed bottom strokes his boner and kisses Scotch as he gets rammed deep—two more loads soon ending the unforgettable threesome.

6. Aymeric DeVille, David Anthony, Philippe Ferro
Hard at work in the stockroom, David Anthony joins co-worker Philippe Ferro in training newbieAymeric DeVille—who gets on his knees for some dirty work. The smooth supervisor intently watches as tattooed Aymeric slurps on Philippe. David unbuttons his jeans, his mammoth meat springing to attention. He pushes it down and releases, the steel shaft snapping up. David wraps his arm around dark and hairy Philippe, squeezing his nipple. David spits down on his own dick, then kisses Philippe as Aymeric works both cocks. Philippe drops down to feast, two big cocks flanking his face. David spits down on his veiny shaft as the two kiss above their hungry sucker. He then sits in the chair, opening wide to suck Philippe while gripping Aymeric’s sac and stroking his own boner. Aymeric grabs hold of David’s head for a hot face fuck as David gags and gasps, spitting on the uncut rod as his extended tongue begs for more. The three squirt before Philippe bends over, offering his hairy hole to David while sucking on Aymeric. David drives deep, then fucks Aymeric as their glistening bodies show off their tight stomachs. Philippe then plows Aymeric while starting at David, who feeds the bottom before Aymeric’s hard pecs get doused.
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