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Waterboyy - The Series (Thailand, EngSubs) Episode 13 of 14
SchoolYouthSportsSwimmingSlow RomanceMultiple CouplesGay CharacterLesbian Character
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Apo is standing on the balcony when Waii comes in. All Apo's possessions are packed. Tell me you're only rearranging the room, Waii says. No, I'm leaving, Apo says, see you later. He gives Waii his lucky gemstone. You need it now, he says.

Apo moves into the room with Kluay, Put and Sang. He asks that they not tell Waii where he is.

Pan is reading Fah's notebook, and discovers that he has feelings for her.

Waii goes to visit his father, Coach Tee. He asks why his father resigned last time. Why didn't he tell Kan to leave, so Waii could come home. Coach Tee says you wouldn't have come back anyway, and I still have feelings for Kan. Coach reminds Waii that you can't run away from your own feelings. Maii tells his brother that he knows Kan won't be coming back because his father is so upset. Waii realises that his father knew all along that Kan had left, and sees how much he misses him.

Fah is trying to arrange some time with Fah, but she says that she's always busy.
Back at the training, Coach says Waii's times are not good, so something must be stressing him.

Min is carrying boxes for Wan, which is a scheme devised by Ked, of the other girls, for him. Wan won't commit exclusively to him, because she doesn't know if Min will do the same for her.

Sang and Put have noticed how Pan is trying to attract Fah. She says Fah has changed. They say she has changed. Then Namkheng turns up very late, and they argue about it.
Kluay and Apo are playing by the pool. Waii tries to get Kluay to leave, but every job he asks him to do, he's already done. He won't take the hint and leave. Finally he does. In the middle of trying to talk to Apo, Fay sends Waii a text reminding him she has a surprise in his room for him tonight. Apo says he should take care of the person he is supposed to take care of, and walks away.

Instead of going back to his room, Waii rests by the pool, remembering the promises he and Apo made to each other about staying together forever. When he does return, he finds Fah waiting with a special meal, now cold, that she'd prepared for him earlier. She says I believe that you wouldn't betray me. He says he wouldn't.

Pan is talking to Kluay by the pool. She wants to know how he reconciled with Archi. He says watch my video. She says every time I try to fix things with Namkheng it gets worse.

Min tells Wan he will show her his secret place tonight, he will text her the location later.

Namkheng thanks Pan for the letter she received, but Pan didn't write it. She reads it and realises it came from Fah.

Waii finds Fay talking to Apo. She is waiting to accompany Waii back to his room. Later Waii finds Apo sleeping at his spot by the pool and tries to talk to him. Apo addresses him as "Captain", and Waii says that won't make him stop trying. Apo says he should give up instead, because if there's nothing between them now, they should stop, and he leaves.

Wan is looking for Min at his secret spot, but finds him with Ked.

Waii goes to his room and finds his father waiting for him. Coach Tee wants to know what is stressing him. Waii says why isn't the person I want to be with, the same one I'm supposed to be with? His father says who decides that? Everybody makes stupid mistakes, but letting them drag you down is where real stupidity starts. All you can do is follow your heart.

On the day of the competition, Coach sends Apo in to motivate Waii. Apo asks if he has his lucky gemstone with him. Waii produces it. Apo says hold on tight to it and make your wish about the race. Waii does so then asks can he use it to make another wish. If I win that race can I ask you for one small thing? Apo says sure, if you get first place. Waii takes Apo's hand while still holding the gemstone and says: We'll see if this works....
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