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[] General Washington - Diesel Washington & Ridge Michaels
A native of sleepy Long Boat Key, a barrier island off the Sarasota coast of Florida, Ridge Michaels is back in the house as we get this afternoon's festivities in gear. Ridge, with the Abercrombie & Fitch air about him is 23 years old and he's in for a really good time. Yeah, Ridge will definitely remember this day after his smooth, jock ass gets officially introduced to Diesel Washington. Diesel and the 9" python in his pants needs no introduction. At 40, Diesel has made himself quite the reputation as an accomplished actor in the adult industry. We've gotten to know this New Yorker a lot better than most; and it's nice to see Diesel in person is nothing like his on-screen ruff-n-tuff persona. For example we asked these two if they could be any animal what it would be. Ridge said without question he would want to be a jaguar. Diesel (the self-professed Comic book geek) then turns and asks Ridge what 'cartoon' he would be instead? Ridge was stumped but Diesel already had a vision of his own cartoon creation: "Some kind of granite rock life form that comes to life, has super human strength, can fly and has teleporting capabilities." OMG-Geek alert! Ya gotta love it.

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