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Can-Am / Zeus Co Productions - Sex Wrestling 3 (2013)
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With the explosive success of "SEX WRESTLING ONE" and "SEX WRESTLING TWO," "SEX WRESTLING THREE" challenged Zeus to top both #1 and #2... and address the deluge of sex wrestling customer requests. Zeus' most popular request was for... surprise, surprise... "MORE SEX!" Not only does "SEX WRESTLING THREE" deliver MUCH more sex, but also introduces CAN-AM customers to two spectacular new ZEUS models... #1 Brad Michaels, and #2 Christian Levesque (pronounced La-vek). Killer Handsome, square jawed, 6', 200 pound Brad Michaels was introduced to Zeus by "SEX WRESTLING ONE" Eurostud Dane Tarson. And Tarson's "finder's fee" is every rockhard inch of Brad Michael's very impressive meat cannon in "SEX WRESTLING THREE's" match one: DANE TARSON VS BRAD MICHAELS. Now meet French multiple physique competition titleholder Christian Levesque. At 5'10" and 190 muscle packed pounds, Christian's short black hair, sexy French looks, sculpted muscularity, and world class ass begged for two-on-one butt-fucking action. And who better to wrestle gang-bang Mr France than Brad Michaels and the incredible Max Grand (from "RUBBER RUMBLE") . With the 3-way muscle chemistry between Michaels, Grand, and Levesque, it's not surprising that their match two in "SEX WRESTLING THREE" is a lot more about sex than wrestling. And for all you tight rubber wrestling gear fans, Brad, Dane, Max. and Christian all wear incredible hot latex shorts and full length tights before stripping down to bare ass butt fucking. Even after both Brad and Max fuck Christian and take him to the showers, their animal passion for one another rages on... and on. "SEX WRESTLING THREE" delivers four ZEUS hardbodies in two separate and distinct sex wrestling matches, multiple cum shots, spectacularly unique latex wrestling gear, featuring two new very hot ZEUSmen for your personal approval and enjoyment. Dane Tarson, Brad Michaels, Max Grand, and Christian Levesque sweat their asses off wrestling, sucking, fucking, and working overtime for your sex wrestling pleasure.  

Cast: Max Grand, Dane Tarson, Brad Michaels, Christian Levesque
Release Date: 07/03/2013
Length: 53 Minutes
Studio: Can-Am Productions / Zeus Co-Productions
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