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Falcon FVP-044 - Super Jock (1982) DVD
barebackvintageclassicpre-condomanaloralgeneral hardcore
Cast: Allen (aka Kenny), Michael Delfino, Big John, Bob, Dan, Jemoo, Michael and two uncredited performers.

Scene 1 - Jemoo
Filmed in New York, this classic brings together Michael and the African star Jemoo, in some absolutely scorching oral and anal action. The beauty of Michael's white ass being bludgeoned by Jemoo is worth the price of the film alone. The bodies burn and so will you as the action culminates in rivers of white foam.

Scene 2 - The Expert
Boy! These two horny young men really get it on with each other. Fascinated by Bob's long hard cock, Dan devours it orally as only an expert knows how. He then turns his experienced tongue on Bob's tight ass and spreads his cheeks wide for some heavy tonguing. Soon these two are at each other anally until Bob can hold back no longer. Don turns and opens his mouth to accept the load just as Bob's hot cock bursts with thick cream.

Scene 3 - The Warehouse
After a hard days work, a young stud decides to relax nude on the floor of the warehouse. Awakened by a nosey watchman, the angry stud forces him to take some heavy cock in his mouth and then in anger buries a huge dildoe in his ass till it almost disappears. The watchmen can't get enough and neither will you.

Scene 4 - Hardhat for Allen
"Allen" the hot young college superstud that proved his jockstrap was too confining for a growing young man in our first movie of him; asks John, his hardhat cousin from a nearby construction site, to come over. Hardhat John aggressively takes Allen's sexual innocence by seizing his athletic body in a hot and sweaty attack. Hardhat buries his face in Allen's little ass. Tonguing all the way up his asshole. Allen quivers and begs for more as John shove a finger into Allen's tender young hole. Allen's hard athletic super butch ass has never been attacked by any man. This is Allen's first fucking, and he groans for John to plunge his huge eleven inch fuck machine up his small virgin asshole to crush his smooth cheeks with eleven inches of pulsating prick. Passionately, the young cousins bang savagely against one another's powerful, well-muscled bodies into a spurting of hot steaming fuck cream.

Scene 5 - Super Jock
Michael Delfino is the popular young Italian star in our movie. We take a look inside at a private session of his greatest pleasures, a total action masturbation focus of a tight big stallion lubricating his virile body entirely with hot oil. Flexing his muscle and feeling his proud cock expand dynamically into sexual enjoyment that makes all of us a part of his masculine physique. His one huge hand beats his cock as the other hand fingers its way up his untouched asshole. He moans and moves with ultimate endowed, hunky pleasure that brings a shooting climax with Michael licking up the sperm off his own cock and body. Watching a Super Jock is rare, as is all the total action in Michael's ow man's country that he shares with you.

Uploader's Note: there were 2 releases of this film on DVD. The first was called a Director's Cut, and included a bonus short film "I Want More." This DVD is from 2008, the second release, with no extras, and the menus show the logo Mustang and the name Super Jocks (with an s) — these are mistakes by Falcon. Otherwise, this is the full film, I believe.

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