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All Male Studio - A Love in Milan
We all know that love blinds you - just like Othello and Desdemona - it makes you jealous and doesn't show you the best side of the person you're with. Not only is our protagonist jealous, he's also worried about losing all his wealth as, in this era of globalization, he's fallen in love with a Romanian. He throws him out of his home and decides to sell his property. However, his friends manage to show him just how loving his foreign suitor really was. Don't worry, the story doesn't end with the death of Desdemona - our "melodrama" has a happy ending with everyone teary-eyed for a love rediscovered. An intense story set in the Navigli district of Milan, built as only the great Leonardo da Vinci knew how.

These hot Italian stallions are ready for some anal action that will blow their minds. When one stud breaks up with his boyfriend, he goes on a sex rampage throughout the city of Milan. He doesn't hesitate to get on his knees to slob a thick, hard dick. And he turns his ass in the air to demand a cum-drizzling cock in his ass. But after he finishes his hedonistic rampage he realizes he still loves his man, so he returns to him for some of the hottest, sheet-sizzling action you have ever seen!

Stars: Enrico Ferrari, Giorgio Veneziani, Giulio Migliori, Ivan Jovy, Loris Vinci, Luca Borromeo, Mattia Breda, Piero Alessi, Stefano Furia, Yuri Barone.

Length 1:15:39

• Studio: All Male Studio
• Director: Etienne Villa
• Country: Italy
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