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Falcon - The New Breed (1983) DVD9
VintageBarebackPre-Condomanaloralgeneral hardcorepre-condom
director Bill Clayton

Bill Henson
Jeff Porter
Kris Bjorn
Nick Harlen
Tex (Anthony)
Tony Calhoun
Wes Cole

1. Malibu
Kris Bjorn, Nick Harlen, Bill Henson

2. Stud for Hire
Jeff Porter, Wes Cole

3. The New Breed
Tex (Anthony), Tony Calhoun

4. Brief
Big Bill Henson, the sweated-up muscle stud in and out of his underwear.

6. The Lifeguard
John, Steve

7. Policeman in the Park, pt 1

Two white men on a secluded park bench are violated by a solid, hung black cop in A Cop in the Park.

8. Policeman in the Park, pt 2

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