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BeefCake Hunter - Happy hour threesome - Jacobo & Marcus
This Happy hour threesome video was made on a Friday night, and I named like that because Beefcake Jacobo was actually enjoying a Happy Hour after work, killing some time until Beefcake Marcus finished his shift. For Marcus it was not Happy Hour time, he had to wake up very early that day, work overtime and he actually arrived late to the shooting. So here you have the explanation for some of the behavior that evening, including mine LOL.

It costed me a little extra convincing to get Beefcake Marcus to agree to this type of scene, but I really put all my effort since many Hunters wanted a threesome that included him. When he finally agreed, besides being tired from work, I perceived that he was a little nervous about the whole thing, while Jacobo, being a little tipsy was all smiles and relaxed. All this made a very interesting situation, I leave to you Hunters to judge which threesome was better, this one or the one with Justin and Jacobo
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