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Channel 1 - Unknown Ghost Of A Chance
The road to true love never does run smooth, but the road to true love as dictated by text message from your dead ex-lover is really bumpy.
In "Unknown," a supernaturally-tinged romance (penned by porn star Eddie Stone), hottie Blake Riley meets cute with his soul mate (Trystian Sweet) only to lose him tragically soon after. But all is not tragedy -- Trystian is working in the afterlife to bring Blake together with Vinnie D'Angelo, so he won't have to live life alone and loveless. And here's a nice twist: Blake was supposed to be with Vinnie in the first place, except their initial meeting is interrupted by a fender-bender that brings Trystian and Blake together instead. And while Blake and Trystian bump nasties like crazy, poor Vinnie is left to wait alone in a café, where in fact he spends most of his time in this production. Vinnie might be a muscle dude, but there's no trace of 'roid rage within him, he's so patient it's almost maddening.
But back to Blake and Trystian, who tear it up in the opening sex scene, a high-energy romp that has the two crossing (and swallowing) swords in the shower, followed by a raunchy fuck with Blake on the receiving end of Trystian's thick piece. The penultimate scene, with Blake sitting on that pole, is great, and the cum-shots at the end are spectacular, particularly Blake's, which explodes while he's being pounded.
After Trystian's untimely demise, Blake is distraught. While he's showing a property (he's a real estate agent) to Tommy Blade and Coby Mitchell, the first of the mysterious, otherworldly text messages arrives. Blake exits, and of course Tommy and Coby decide to christen their new kitchen with hot man sex. Hot kisses, armpit licking, dick-sucking and ass-eating are just the appetizers to this repast, and Coby's lightly furred ass cleft looks tasty indeed. The fuck sequence that is the centerpiece is also riveting, with Tommy on top. Both dudes produce lots of cream in the end.
And, yeah, Vinnie is still waiting on his date to show up (he's getting the same eerie texts). Well, actually, he's waiting again. The waiter is amazingly non-sneery about it. Just as you think all hope is lost, Blake shows up, but the two still don't connect.
Meanwhile, Blake gets a call from über-horndog Chad Hunt, who tries to tempt him into joining an orgy already in progress, but no dice. No worries for Chad, who has Jackson Wild, Nash Lawler and Dominik Rider to contend with. Chad's massive piece, of course, is the center of attention and Jackson manages to deep-throat it, which is no small feat. Later, after much other action has burned up the screen, he just as impressively takes it up his ass, but not without much loud moaning and groaning. The scene ends with Jackson getting doused by cum from his buddies.
So now, it's time to get this romance thing tied up, and with one last bizarre text, Blake and Vinnie are once again summoned to the very same café. This time it works, and after a couple of long, lingering cruising, glances, BAM, they're (almost) naked in bed. Vinnie's big pecs gets mouthed by Blake (very hot), and then Blake feeds his long cock to Vinnie, shoving it into his mouth and kissing the big stud alternately. Blake then gets down on Vinnie's erection. Soon Vinnie has made his way to Blake's tight, beautiful ass, playing with it and eating it, and generally just getting it ready for the very hot fuck that follows. Blake sits on Vinnie's pole, then lies back to be pounded missionary, and while Vinnie is slamming into him, he shoots. Vinnie follows just after, anointing Blake with a big load.
After successfully uniting Blake and Vinnie, we have to assume that Trystian can now go happily into the light.
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