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Military Classified - Brando and Justino
barebackcondomanal sexoral sextattoos
Released 19 July 2019

Well it looks like Hell has frozen over because I never thought I would have these two in the same room handling my ass together. Today is a special day and I've managed to get these two together as they fumble their straight way through an anal scene that's for the records. Watch as these two straight guys not only handle each other's meat but also deliver some ass pounding that left Rob wanting more! I caught it all on tape.

Brando and Justino have never met before today and they are both very new to the industry before they had met me so I had them green as can be but forced together to handle a task that seemed daunting to most straight guys. Once i got them in the room, I could feel the tension between the two and I think both of them were trying to wear the straight mask and not seem to miffed by the whole episode.

As the scene got started I ordered these two to grab each other's beautiful uncut cocks and asked them to give his buddy a helping hand. That went over well! Both cocks rock hard and both guys totally glued into the porn on the screen. i could tell this was making them a little uncomfortable but I didn't care making the scene even hotter that they were so green to doing this but horny enough to let it go.

After that the scene made its way to oral and I'm an expert at these scenes so much so that I can do 2 cocks at the same time and almost in concert with each other driving them both crazy as I prepped them for my ass. Brando was up first and he was only to eager to get his 8 inch mammoth cock in my ass and he really began to enjoy my hole. The looks on his face are priceless. When Brando got to the doggie style position it was all over.

Justino was the newest one to the group but he performed like a champion really and laid in wait as I came on the attach as I began to ride his cock after I defeated Brando. Justino was in a daze mostly because he wasn't sure what was going to happen, he only knew that the ass was tight enough and warm enough that it didn't take him long before he was spitting out those glorious words I love to hear... "I'm about to cum". Enjoy!

(Justino was wearing a condom during the first anal scene, but during his last anal scene he went bareback, hence the inclusion of condom in the tags.)
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