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Studio 2000 - The Scout Club
Derek Kent

Billy Kincaid
Brad Benton
D.C. Chandler
Eric Johanson
Jason Hawke
Jeremy Jordan
Lark Larson
Norman Krivell
Rocky (Castro)
Tommy Lord
Tony Alvarez (00s)

After a year away from the hustle and bustle of the jizz biz, dynamic director Derek Kent returns home to Studio 2000 with The Scout Club. This super-sexy video follows the adventures of a gorgeous group of guys who hang around the campfire sharing cock tales with each other. The combination of Studio 2000 and Derek Kent has always produced white heat and The Scout Club is no exception. Filled with favorites and newcomers, The Scout Club sizzles with enough cocksucking, buttbanging and creamy cum shots to fill three videos.
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