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Hard Brit Lads - Billy Roberts and Darren Robins
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A very hot and sweaty scene this one! Big muscle Daddy, Darren Robins has a hard, rugged look, and a hot, hard body. A very masculine bloke – a proper south London geezer, he puts fit young scaffolder, Billy Roberts, through his paces, in this great, strong scene. As soon as we begin, the Dad and the Lad are eagerly rubbing each others bulging dicks, straining against their sports shorts, and pulling off each other vests to lick and suck on each others nipples. Both guys have such hot bodies, its a very horny start. Darren is rock solid, so Billy gets down on his knees, pulls down Darrens shorts, to reveal his throbbing cock poking out the side of his white jock-strap. Billy sucks deep on it hungrily, managing to deep throat the whole 7 and a half inches. Darren gets pretty forceful and grips his head and face fucks him – and Billy, being a tough lad, takes it very well. Its intense, and very horny. Darren then shows he can suck just as well, and effortlessly deepthroats Billys solid dick. They move onto the sofa, and suck each other again, forceful and deep, before Darren flips Billy over, spreads his arse cheeks wide apart, and spits into his hole, before getting his tongue in to give him a deep rimming and open his arse up. Darren then gets onto his knees, slapping his cock against Billys perfect smooth arse, before pushing his cock in to fuck him. He starts slow, but builds up to speed quick, giving Billy a real pounding. Then it gets interesting, as Darren leans against a table to let Billy fuck his solid muscle butt. Billy fucks good and hard, showing he can give it and take it with equal force. Finally, they move onto the sofa, Billy on his back and Darren on his knees, and Darren, sweat dripping down his muscular chest (hot!) gives him another hard fucking, till Billy shoots a really good load over his tight 6 pack. Then they kiss while Darren jerks himself off, shooting a great load over himself. A hot, sweaty, passionate, awesome scene!

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