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Pistol Media - Hold Everything
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A smoking hot movie starring sexy Frenchie Remy Delaine with his cute smile, muscle body and awesome beer can cock (look at this gorgeous foreskin and shiny mushroom head).

Shot both in sultry Australia and in beautiful Northern California, this movie has the best of both worlds - huge cocks, open holes and the hot, young studs who own them! Clocking in at five long scenes, Hold Everything is a huge movie that fills out our highly acclaimed fall 2005 release schedule, delivering excellent sports-oriented footage that will leave you exhausted on the floor after just one viewing.

First up, Remy Delaine is paired with Boston-based Chris Crawford - a great all-American actor who has some of the best cum shots ever filmed. The scene begins with Remy and Chris working out at the local gym, but as luck has it they are alone. They cruise each other while pumping up, muscles bulging and expanding, becoming engorged with hot jock blood. Unable to control themselves... well, you know what happens next. Great sucking and fucking with two incredibly hot men.

Remy's second scene was filmed in a wild down-under waterway on a fiercely hot Aussie summer day. He is kayaking with Aiden, his best buddy. Never mind the crocodiles, nothing will stop these men from doing what comes naturally! These boys are hot in more ways than one as you will see when two enormous cocks break free from Speedo bondage. Remy hammers Aiden with his gigantic cock, and the kayak is practically smashed by the force of the sex.

Shifting back to California, we next find Joey Russo riding a motorcycle up a long driveway towards a millionaire retreat in the Sonoma wine country. Just as he gets off his bike he notices Manuel Torres watching him from a distance. Joey acts innocent, trying not to be nervous. Who is this hot man watching me, he asks himself as he starts to put on a bit of a show. Soon the scent of sex is in the air and Manuel comes down the driveway to get up close and personal - meaning he fucks the hell out of Joey in position after position. These bikers fuck until they drop.

The next scene takes us back to Sydney where Kyle is showing Harrick how to work the bag. Good coaches are persuasive and Kyle is true to form. Before Harrick can untie his gloves, he gets pinned against the bag and has his tight, round, sweaty butt worked by Kyle's tongue. Kyle loves ass and it shows as he dives in full speed ahead. Harrick is not sure what to think, but he soon realizes that he likes it! He takes it like a pro as trainer and trainee move to the mats for a nailing that practically jumps off the screen.

The final scene takes place in a sports club. Ever wanted to fuck your tennis partner for being insubordinate? Well, live your fantasy in this sports-driven piece of gay erotica! Kyle Kirk and Marc Amon are taking out their aggression on the court one Saturday afternoon, serving each other as hard as they can. Blistering backhands and top-spin volleys fly faster than the eye can see, sweat beading on straining muscles as the match goes on. Back in the changing room the duel intensifies as the two athletic studs fuck, rim, and blow each other into submission. Who has the last word? You'll have to watch.
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