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Eurocreme - Barrack Butt Fucking - Jack Green, Cameron Taylor and James Lewis
It’s the first day of the training camp and in the barracks, new recruits Jack Green, Cameron Taylor and James Lewis are chilling out, getting to know each other. Listening in to the other two horny young fuckers, James nervously writes a letter to his mother as the talking gets hornier and hornier. Soon Jack jumps down from above him and towards Cameron, who’s eager to show Jack just how good a sucker he is! Slurping down on the rock hard Jack, Cameron proves his worth, but wants something in return! Pushing Jack down onto his own stiff dick, James can’t believe what’s happening in front of his eyes and is soon jerking quietly in the background, taking in the sight of these two toned army boys ultimately fucking on the next bed, Cameron taking dick as good as he can suck on them, getting his ass ploughed hard and fast, flipped and fucked by the tattooed Jack until they both shoot their loads!

Released: 5 February, 2019

(A 1080p re-release from Eurocreme of a scene from ArmyBoy)
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