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ChaosMen - 2215 - Damien Reign & Sean Peyton Raw (1080p)
Release date: November 26, 2018

Video Number: 2215

Damien hit me up saying he was down to try more with a guy. He said he had been thinking of sex with guys a lot more often. He was a lot more 'interested' in experimenting than before. He still has his same girlfriend, but he'd been thinking about fucking guys again.

Sean was down to get fucked, and I was glad Damien is a verbal guy. It turned Sean on big time.

They both swapped head, and you can tell Damien is still learning the ropes. I have set him up to do an oral video and we are going to properly teach him some cock sucking skills. I may even step in and give him some lessons.

One area they both excel at is eating ass. Both guys love it, and there is quite a bit rimming in this video.

Damien still wants to top only, but I think I got him thinking about bottoming. Convincing him is a not as heard when he sees how easily Sean nuts while riding his cock.

For his cum shot, Sean rides on top of Damien, and they both have a clear view of a monitor and they both take turns watching themselves on it as Sean is blowing his load. It is kind of funny watching them with sly smiles in fascination and accomplishment. I also detected a little bit of disbelief in Damien's facial expression. I think it surprised him just how easy Sean came while bouncing around on his cock.

There was no way Damien could cum in that position, so Sean got in a doggie-style position, and Damien easily nutted inside Sean's hole. Nice full-on breeding!

Damien may not be a super hung porn star, but the dude cums so easily that he clearly is enjoying that activity, and part of that is watching himself hammer and then fill a dude. With the monitors, it is like an exhibitionist echo chamber!

Damien asked to for a final edit of the video, all under the auspice of "learning to do better" but I have to think he might just jerk-off to his own video.
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