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TIMFuck - Cum Tunnels Scene 4 - Dice and JD Daniels
Scene 4 from CUM TUNNELS

JD DANIELS has wanted to fuck Dice for a long time. He is like a kid in a candy store when presented with Dice’s open fuck hole. JD rims and eats his ass getting it real wet and ready for his dick.
JD slides in slow and you can see Dice is challenged by the man’s big black cock - which only seems to egg JD on. The selfish top pins Dice down on the bed so he has nowhere to go but be impaled on the massive dick. JD gets lost in the feeling of his cock sliding in and out as he starts to ram in and out in full fuck beast-mode.
Finally, JD puts Dice on his back so he can look him in the eye as he dumps his load and breeds. He makes Dice clean off his spent cock and then feeds his own cum from Dice’s ass to his mouth.
“That is a killer mean ass.” – JD Daniels
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