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Broke Straight Boys - Tanner Valentino Fucks Junior Fernandez Raw (1080P)
Junior Fernandez is about to learn a thing or two from the more seasoned and experienced Tanner Valentino, and these two New Yorkers are ready to get it on!  Junior and Tanner warm up with a few kisses before stripping down, and when Junior reaches for Tanner’s big dick he can’t help but want to put that juicy meat in his mouth!  Junior sucks that fat cock and then climbs on top of Tanner and puts his dick in Tanner’s face, making him suck that long shaft and then getting into position to 69 as Tanner fingers Junior’s hole and blows him.

Junior straddles Tanner next, lining up that huge cock with his tight as and slowly sliding it in, trying to let his ass adjust to the size as Tanner pushes it deeper inside.  Tanner fucks Junior bareback, pounding him hard and then letting Junior ride his raw cock until they switch positions and Junior’s on his back, legs spread and ass stretching around Tanner’s dick.  Junior jerks his prick with Tanner’s meat inside of him, stroking his shaft until he comes and then Tanner pulls out and adds his own jizz to the mess all over Junior!

Released: 12 June, 2016

Original upload: 13/06/2016 -matthewmancs
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