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Staxus - Raw Teens, Sc 4 (Alex Cole, Rodion Taxa)
Alex ColeRodion Taxa69BarebackRimmingTwinks (18+)
Raw Teens, Sc.4

Added: 13/June/2019
Duration: 24 minutes, 3 seconds
Studio: Staxus

Featuring: Alex Cole, Rodion Taxa


After a hot date the previous night, Alex awakes thinking his lover had gone, when really he's taking a hot bubble bath! When Rodion returns, the boys excitement is obvious, Alex is eager to kiss Rodion and soon goes down to lick and suck his rock hard shaft. But the sucking does not stop there, as shortly after both bots adopt a 69 position go get a good feel and taste of eachothers dicks, the penetration is a hot, multi position fuck fest, where Rodion shows Alex just what he's capable of doing to this cute twink!
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