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BrokeStraightBoys - Kyle Lovern Fucks Charles Owens Raw (1080p)
Released March 29, 2019

Charles Owens likes to sleep in late, but that just means he’s got plenty of energy for his scenes, including his scene today with sexy Kyle Lovern, who’s ready to get balls deep in some ass.  Sucking Kyle’s cock, Charles gets him throbbing hard, his mouth wrapping around Kyle’s big balls as he sucks on those too before Kyle wants more than just those soft lips.  Cock standing erect, Kyle pulls Charles onto it and lets him slowly lower himself until every inch of Kyle’s member is buried in Charles’s sweet little hole.

Fucking him raw, Kyle pounds his dick in and out of Charles, skin slapping against skin as Kyle takes Charles in various positions, seeing which angle Charles’s tight ass feels best.  On all fours on the bed, Charles gets fucked from behind as Kyle slaps his ass and then turns onto his side as Charles gets close to cumming.  Playing with his dick and stroking it slowly with Kyle buried deep inside of him, Charles jerks out a load of cum, letting it slip down his dick and then letting Kyle put his load right between that freshly fucked ass!
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