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Lucas Ent - Cockstalker (2009)
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director Mr. Pam

Ben Andrews
Brendon Williams
Jackson Wild
James Hawk
Lars Svenson
Murphy Maxwell
Nick Capra
Ryan Raz
Tom D.
Treshawn Valentino

James Hawk stars as a man trapped in a world of insatiable lust and sexual depravity. An employment opportunity as a casting agent at a porn company drives him to the brink of insanity, aching to taste what was once forbidden. Slowly forced to confront his desire for more and more man-meat, James stalks the porn stars around him, all innocent victims in a twisted game of hunter and prey. Cockstalker features extreme ass-pounding, deep-dick throating, and toe sucking... it's a thriller you will never forget!

Scene 1: Ryan Raz, Treshawn Valentino, and Brendon Williams
Scene 2: Nick Capra and Lars Svenson
Scene 3: James Hawk and Jackson Wild
Scene 4: Ben Andrews and Tom D
Scene 5: James Hawk and Murphy Maxwell
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