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Fox Studio - Afternooners
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It was not easy to nail Bo Richards for this part but it was well worth the effort. Bo attracted Jon Ray who in turn attracted Dean Hedden and sure enough we had a hot scene in the making. Almost everyone was chomping at the bit to be with one another. Jon takes the initiative and seduces Bo's big cock out of his jeans and gives him head while absorbing his muscular young body with his hands and tongue. Dean encourages Jon and eventually moves in on the whole scene and ends up passionately receiving all of Jon while the fire burns steady in the fire place. Needless -to-say a very hot scene. Our new discovery, Jimmy Metz, became the heart throb of the nation when his tight, hard, muscular, body dressed in snug jeans debuted on a motorcycle in the solo 'Cycle Tough'. Jimmy was so excited by being filmed, and by just the situation, that he performed like a race horse and when his body convulsed to shoot a load, the biggest we'd seen, we knew he was a star of studly proportions. We actually believe that this scene brought Jimmy out! Chris Rutherford, envious of his brother's fame when (Mark) soloed in 'Muscle Up'; decided to go one better when he got out of the military. Chris seduces a runner one afternoon from his bedroom widow by flashing his big hard cock, and turns the sex starved young runner (Beau) into a insatiable sex slave, not that he complained.
Originally shot and edited on 16mm film.

1.1. The Runner, pt 1 300'
Chris Rutherford, Beau Matthews
Chris Rutherford has always been a show-off. One of his hobbies is standing in front of his open bedroom window and slowling pulling on his long, thick cock. One day Beau Matthews ran up Chris' street. They spotted each other and in no time Beau was in Chris' bedroom taking it like a man.

1.2. The Runner, pt 2 300'
Chris Rutherford, Beau Matthews
And when they were finished, they started all over again. Plenty of rear action in this one.

2. One Hot Afternoon 300'
Bo Richards, Karl Aflinn, Dean Heddon
Big Bo Richards used his thick 8" rod on Karl Aflinn and give Dean Heddon's 9.5" tool a workout in a sizzling, hot afternoon of graphic, details, man-to-man action. We've brought you the best 300 feet of film, in full color.

3. Cycle Tuff (Metz) 200'
Jimmy Metz solo
Our discovery of Jimmy Metz last year in FOXHUNT 2 brought moans of satisfaction from across the country. He was so intrigued by all of the mail that came in about him, he decided to give his fans a treat. In Jimmy's first solo film, he shows how big and hard his young cock can get and how high it shoots. Truly a collectors item.

4. Jim Moore, Jon Ray
An untitled scene that was not shot on film.
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