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CuteBoyVideos - School's Out
Myles & Casper
Cute twinks Myles and Casper are up next. These real-life friends met in junior high school and go everywhere together. They're not boyfriends, but describe each other as "friends with benefits." Casper claims to be bisexual, but after watching this video, we're not so sure. You'll see both boys jump into face-fucking and sucking each other, and before long, Casper take a set of anal beads and plunges them into Myles waiting hole, working his ass hard as he pulls the beads in and out. The intensity gets Myles rock hard and he quickly goes for Casper's cock, sucking and jerking until Casper comes to an intense orgasm, shooting a load while kissing Myles. Casper soon reciprocates, jerking and sucking Myles to a creamy conclusion.

Next up is the very cute, barely-18 Damien, who we finally talked in to doing a solo shoot (after much trying!) You can see that he's pretty nervous and rather shy, but he's got an impressively large member which he clearly loves playing with... you can see his excitement grow as he gets closer and closer to letting his boyspunk explode out of his rock-hard member all over his chest. He even eats some of his cum at the end! Not to be missed!!

Justin & Kyle
Damien is followed by a hot scene between newcomer (and boysecrets model) Justin and Boysecrets model Kyle. These boys are hot and hard almost immediately, and this scene was recorded as it happened... Kyle was barely 18, had never been in front of camera before, had only been with one other guy, and had never topped or bottomed. Justin had never been in front of a camera either, but had a little more experience with guys, and is pretty quickly helping out Kyle with some intense ass eating, oral, and bottoming. The scene takes place in a grungy warehouse, and the boys make use of the space to go at it every which way. Finally, after giving Justin an intense ass-pounding, Kyle shoots an impressive load all over Justin's face, getting his boyspunk in Justin's hair, eyes, and all over. Justin quickly returns the favor, shooting a nice load all over Kyle's chest. Both take a few minutes afterwards to talk about their experience.

Sean & Tyler
Volume 1 opens with 18 year old Boyfunk blond (and Allboy model) Sean and 19 year old Tyler, a gorgeous Asian frat boy that loves dick. They've come together to have a little fun, and they're immediately off and into each other... with jacking, sucking, fondling, and ass play before they take turns topping each other. Sean, mostly a bottom, decides to give it a try but is clearly nervous. Tyler pounds him hard, but then it's turnabout time as Sean pounds Tyler and you can see that both are having a pretty intense time. Before long, both have shot nice loads and, feeling relaxed, spend a couple minutes talking to the audience about their experience.

The last scene features Jordan, nominated for "Twink of the Year" by Allboy magazine. Just two weeks past his 18th birthday, Jordan openly describes hot sex with older guys, getting naked at a Harley Motorcycle fest, and describes his first sexual experience while still in junior high school. Once he removes his clothes, we're greeted by a gigantic piece of boymeat, over 8" long, standing at full attention. We also get to see great closeups of Jordan's perfect fuckhole, tight boy butt, and perfect body. He doesn't say much while he's jerking it, but before long, he's shooting an intense load that reaches almost up to his face. He cleans up with his underwear, and then tells us a little about his experience.
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