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[NathanJustice] Model Max's Intense Sessions - Upper Body and Merciless Foot Tickling HD - NO WAY OUT
Sexy Max is back and he had one request... he wants to be in the most intense sessions on Nathan Justice. So we gave it to him and he was begging throughout every session. In this next clip, he gets a good work out from a full body tickling from Nathan. Nathan starts with getting him to beg tickling his upper body and hips with oil. Then, to fulfill the request of most intense sessions ever, Max gets the longest tickling ever of his worst spot, his feet! Nathan times 5 minutes a foot with the Terrible Tickle Brush and lots of baby oil. Once the timer starts, there's no turning back for poor Max! What makes things even worse is Nathan ties Max's toes back and strap his ankles down even tighter. It's gonna be a crazy ride!
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