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JapanBoyz - Kinjiro Takes A Big One
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Wow, it's been two years since Kairi was last here for Kinjiro is interested in what the boy's been up to, "butt," that will "cum" later. The cuties hit it off as they caress and kiss; Kinjiro loves a bottom with a "sensitive" side, and nipples. It doesn't take long before each boy is poking out of his underwear nicely. Quickly, they put their mouths to other uses, slurping and sucking deeply.

Lying Kairi on his back, the top's finger glides into the bottom's hole. Sensually, Kinjiro pumps the boy and sucks before putting on a condom and "filling" Kairi fully. Jerking while thrusting, the top responds patiently to Kairi's groans. Repositioning often, the pair turn groans into moans and gasps; Kinjiro keeps a "firm grip" on the situation. Close, both boys jerk each other off; Kairi cums first and then Kinjiro blasts all the way up to his partner's neck.
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