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William Higgins - Honza Radan - EROTIC SOLO
SoloMasturbationJerking OffSlimTwinkTattoosEuropean
Released 08 July 2019

Honza Radan is aged 18 and lives in Prague. This good looking straight guy is a bartender who enjoys dancing, swimming and athletics. He does a very nice interview in English and then leans back on the bed to run his hands over his clothed body. Lifting his tee shirt he shows off his sexy torso as he rubs over it. He gropes himself through his shorts too. Then the shirt is removed and Honza lays back and opens his shorts to reach inside. He rubs over his underwear and up his body. Then the shorts are lowered and the underwear his pushed down to release his cock and balls. Honza takes hold of his cock and starts to wank it hard. As it grows hard in his hand he pushes the underwear down further too. Getting fully naked he kneels on the bed and shows off his hot ass, reaching back to rub it. His balls dangle between his legs as he squeezes and pulls on ihs ass cheeks. That pulling give glimpses on his tight hole too. The hairy hole looks so inviting as Honza shows it off. Turning over, onto his back he holds his legs up to give an even better view of his hairy ass and tight hole. Honza's hands spank on his ass and pull on the cheeks as that hot hole is fully exposed. He rubs fingers over the hole too as the hands rubs all over the ass. Then Honza drops his legs and wanks his cock again. This time he keeps up his wanking until the cum shoots onto his hot body. Then he goes off to the shower to clean up.
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