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Sean Cody - 1521 - Abe and Joshua Bareback 720p
Abe & Joshua: Bareback
Well this is a nice surprise!
After Abe's first visit I was doubtful I'd see him again. He's a self-professed ''meathead'' and to be honest I didn't have high hopes that he'd want to stick his dick in another guy!
''I want to give it a try,'' he told me. ''I've been thinking about it a lot!''
Now a lot of guys would be really shy about this, but not Abe. He doesn't do subtle.
And when he finally met up with Joshua he wasn't subtle then either.
''Yeah, he's cute!'' he said with a smile. ''I like.''
Joshua was really happy too. I could tell he liked Abe.
''He's huge!'' Joshua said. ''He's got muscles. I like muscles.''
Joshua said that he was in the mood to be thrown around and just fucked silly.
''I can do that!'' Abe said with a deep laugh. ''No problem!''
Published December 7, 2012
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