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Falcon Anthology Series Vol 20 Best of Tommy Brandt
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See what makes Tommy Brandt a true Falcon Icon! Eight scorching hot, full-length scenes from some of Falcon's greatest titles of all time make this collection a must own.

1. Charlie Moore nonsex, Matthew Rush, Jason Hawke, Tommy Brandt, Josh Harting
Charlie Moore warns Matthew Rush, Jason Hawke, Tommy Brandt, and Josh Harting that they're not to fuck around while he's on an errand. No sooner is he gone than the four studs strip their jeans and enjoy a poolside frolic. They turn to erotic play--licking, sucking, stroking and probing, making their way over each other, enjoying the heat, the flesh, stiff cocks, and puckered assholes. No cock remains unburied for long…each finding its way into an eager mouth or quivering asshole…until finally the lusty participants spill pools of gratification.

2. Tommy Brandt, Jeremy Jordan, Josh Harting, Brendan Falke, Jacob Hall
Scouts Tommy Brandt, Jeremy Jordan, Jacob Hall, Josh Harting, and Brendan Falke take turns sucking each other's cocks and ploughing each other's asses all in the name of earning their merit badges.

3. Josh Weston, Tommy Brandt
Josh Weston checks out a local bar to get some clues about the missing boy. While he's there he seduces Tommy Brandt into a stall where he uses his big tool to make Tommy squirm and moan.

4. Joe Foster, Josh Weston, Jason Tyler, Brendan Falke, Nino Bacci, Jack Ryan, Tommy Brandt, Cameron Fox,Derek Cameron, Paul Johnson, Dean Tyler solo
Joe Foster has been invited to an orgy featuring the sexual talents of Josh Weston, Jason Tyler, Brendan Falke, Joe Foster, Nino Bacci, Jack Ryan, Tommy Brandt, Cameron Fox, Derek Cameron, and Paul Johnson. These randy studs help Joe out of his clothes and into their sultry team effort. Gasps of pleasure and greedy demands fill the air as these erotic athletes stroke, fondle, suck and fuck…giving in to their urgent desires and immersing themselves in fulfillment.

5. Tommy Brandt , Brad Patton t, Daniel Montes
Together, Brad Patton, Tommy Brandt and Daniel Montes make up the hottest trio of sex-charged studs to come together. Right off the bat, Brad’s horse dick is tamed by Tommy’s fellating expertise and when the playful imp substitutes his asscrack as a new vessel for Brad to drive his cock into, he squeals and sighs with delight. And Daniel is right in there too, egging the action on and making his own impressive contribution to this spoogefest. All three take each other on, get their fill and leave us begging for more.

6. Jack Ryan, Chet Roberts, Tommy Brandt, Renato Leon, Filippo Romano, Brad Patton
In a sun-soaked glen, Jack Ryan and Chet Roberts dedicate themselves to stroking, sucking and fleshy probings. In paradise, the call of Eros is powerful and soon Falcon Exclusive Tommy Brandt steps in to lend a hand. The threesome grows as Renato Leon joins the action, and the floodgates of desire open wide when Filippo Romano, Brad Patton, and Lane Fuller enter this stunning sexual encounter. Every moment is flooded with ardor and the encounter leaves each man soaked in satisfaction.

7. Tommy Brandt, Maxx Diesel
Tommy has his work cut out for him when he approaches fellow Falcon Exclusive Maxx Diesel in the kitchen. The two muscle-men eagerly wind their way over each others forms, kissing, sucking, stroking and rimming. Overcome by desire, Tommy takes Maxx from behind, pounding his ass with forceful intensity…but Maxx wants more and Tommy gladly obliges…filling Maxx's hole with a monster latex dildo. As Maxx moans and begs, Tommy picks up the pace—thrusting deeper and faster until at last Maxx is pushed over the edge of release--before delivering his own hefty load.

8. Tommy Brandt, Chase Hunter
As Falcon Exclusive Tommy Brandt relaxes in the bath, he spots Chase Hunter soaking in the rays on the lawn. Entranced by Chase's muscled form, Tommy calls him over and the two studs size each other up. Soon the hungry men are hotly engaged in a soapy session of cock-sucking, rimming and ass-play. Overtaken by desire, Chase takes Tommy from behind and gives him a hearty ass-pounding…driving deep and riding hard. The intensity compounds itself and soon the eager studs find themselves spilling their loads.

Cast: Brad Patton Brendan Falke Cameron Fox Chase Hunter Chet Roberts Daniel Montes Derek Cameron Filippo Romano Jack Ryan Jacob Hall Jason Hawke Jason Tyler Jeremy Jordan Josh Harting Josh Weston Lane Fuller Matthew Rush Maxx Diesel Nino Bacci Paul Johnson Renato Leon Tommy Brandt

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