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RuTwinks - 20 Videos [720p] - Pack 2 - MP4
RussianSmoothMuscular [Most] TonedSome FondledAll MasturbateCumshots
RuTwinks - 20 Videos [720p] - Pack 2 - MP4

I screwed up on Pack 1 in a big way and it had to be removed from the site: it contained duplicates of files I've already uploaded. I'm very sorry about that brutal mistake. I've been extra careful to make sure that there are no duplicates in this torrent.

The RuTwinks models are cut from a different mold than those guys we typically associate with the twink video category. These guys are from Russia, most have meat on their bones, and they genuinely seem to be amateurs as you can see many of them taking direction from the cameraman throughout each shoot.

RuTwinks - Ausboy.mp4
RuTwinks - Corey.mp4
RuTwinks - Danniro.mp4
RuTwinks - Darvin.mp4
RuTwinks - Eugene.mp4
RuTwinks - Evgeni.mp4
RuTwinks - Fyodor.mp4
RuTwinks - Gustav.mp4
RuTwinks - Jeffhhr.mp4
RuTwinks - Jewel.mp4
RuTwinks - Kolja - Outdoors.mp4
RuTwinks - Margo.mp4
RuTwinks - Nathaniel.mp4
RuTwinks - Pashka.mp4
RuTwinks - Ramon.mp4
RuTwinks - Robin.mp4
RuTwinks - Rubin.mp4
RuTwinks - Steff.mp4
RuTwinks - Tkrisr.mp4
RuTwinks - Zinic.mp4

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