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Active Duty - Brennan, Matt & Tuffy (2002)
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Brennan's First Time From Rear March: Bareback Cadence
Matt and Tuffy switch places and Matt starts spreading Brennan's cheeks apart and fingering his tight hole as Tuffy lubes up to go in for the kill on his buddy's virgin ass. Tuffy starts slow and once he's in he gives Brennan a good pounding. Brennan throws his ass back and enjoys the ride. Matt stands up and starts feeding Tuffy his long cock as Tuffy plows into Brennan and sucks away on Matt. Tuffy then stands flatfooted on the bed and bangs down into Brennan's ass. Matt moves around and slaps Tuffy on the ass and then starts eating Tuffy's ass as Tuffy thrusts in and out of Brennan.

Matt's First Time From Rear March: Bareback Cadence
After a good long and hard fucking, Brennan tells Matt it's his turn. Brennan puts his cock in Matt's mouth as Tuffy positions himself behind Matt and starts craming his hard cock deep into Matt's mouth and Brennan instructs Matt to keep sucking his fucking cock. Tuffy shows Matt no mercy as he takes out all his agressions on Matt's hot ass. I mean Tuffy is banging this boy like there is no tomorrow, giving it to him deep, all the way down to the balls and slamming harder and harder. Matt just whimpers as he tries to keep sucking Brennan's cock and take a good man fucking at the same time.    

Soldiers: Brennan, Matt, Tuffy
Date: 11/26/2002
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