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Treasure Island - SlurpinJizz1-2
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Treasure Island - Slurpin' Jizz
Director: Paul Morris
Country:  US
Duration: 120 minutes
Cast: Joey Sommers, J.C. Carter, Erich Lange, Jon, Markie
Paul Morris presents another in his series of infamous cock-suckin' cum-guzzlin' videos. In eight scenes, horny dudes service horse-hung men who need to shoot a load down a guy's throat. J.C. Carter sucks cock after through a glory hole. Young Jon guzzles the juice mega-hung Markie squirts in his mouth. Erich Lange nurses a hot thick load out of a Latino hombre with a fat choda. And much more! If you love no-holds-barred cocksuckin' by men who know how to milk a load out and slurp it right down, Slurpin' Jizz is for you!

Treasure Island - Slurpin' Jizz 2
Director: Paul Morris
Country:  US
Duration: 100 minutes
Cast: Caedon Chase, Joey Sommers, Nick Piston, Eric Borden, Rhett Hengst, Jason Summers 
They're back: Paul Morris' team of sleazy cocksuckin' cum-gluttons! These young men need one thing: thick loads of white sticky juice down their hungry throats.
Blonde muscleman Ty sucks hot loads out of big throbbers; crowd-pleaser Joey Sommers is back and blowin' anything that spurts. Plus cum-guzzlers Chad and Tom and featuring big-dicked sex-god Nick Piston.Also featuring handsome young Caedon Chase in a multi-cock gloryhole mouth-breeding session - and much more.If you wanna watch young good-lookin' sperm-junkies on their knees doing what they do best, you'll wanna see Slurpin' Jizz 2! ..this is your movie!
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