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Hot Boys - Emmanuell (All)
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Christian Júnior,Gustavo Lyra,Ítalo,Maurício Callegari,Nick Lima,Raphael Menezes,Renan Dotadão

The HOTBOYS command ship presents everyone with unique, daring, differentiated and unique content here from the hottest site on the net: travel with us on this web-series "Emmanuell". Inspired by the 80s / 90s "Emmanuelle" hit series, HOTBOYS brings you an innovative and super current version of this erotic movie classic. Emmanuell is that cool, handsome, charismatic guy, besides he knows how to provide pleasure very well, when it comes to sex he is a born expert. He understands so much that he caught the attention of a people from far away. More precisely, the crew of a distant galaxy that found in our heartthrob a very interesting object of study. What are they looking for here? How could Emmanuell help them? What else is going to happen? All these answers, you will check out this series of breathtaking. One thing Hotboys guarantees that on earth or in space, the hottest website on the net will provide you with a lot of sex, horniness and pleasure.
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