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Eurocreme - SportLads - Buttfucking BMX Boys
Buttfucking BMX Boys

Studio:Eurocreme Sport Ladz
Duration: 90 minutes
Condoms Used:Yes

Full of hardcore ass slamming action, after a hard day on the bikes, these hot and sweaty twinks have built up a huge load of spunk waiting to explode on cute young faces.

Scene One: Baby faced bikers grind into ass!! After a long bike ride, all those bumps seem to have got these two young fuckers incredibly horny!! Stripping off their lycra kit, skinny blond boy Rasty shows us his huge dick, perfect for sucking on, as his mate quickly discovers!! Getting their slick shafts to slide down their hot throats in an awesome 69, these twinks shoot all over their mouths so the hot spunk drips down past their hot lips!! The fun doesn’t stop there as Rasty’s butt soon gets paid more attention as his well hung twink mate slides his dick right up inside him, thrusting hard as Rasty jerks himself, dumping a ball load of spunk all over the floor!!

Scene Two: Toned fuckers in outdoor cumfest!! When Rick and Damian take a break in the woods, the sun is beating down on their already hot young bodies, having to strip off their tops, Damian’s tanned buff torso sends Rick crazy, his perfect pecs and awesome abs is enough to get him on his knees and pulling his shorts lower, until his proud, rock solid dick is pushing against the back of Rick’s throat. These amazingly sexy twinks have the hottest bodies around, and with the sun bronzing them even more, the outdoor fucking brings it to a whole new level. Damian spoons Rick, lifting his leg high in the air as his stiff dick pushes against his hole, watching him work his meat deeper is unbelievably hot, these two young men enjoying hot sex with each other in great positions, giving us the feeling we could step up and join right in!!

Scene Three: Alex Stevens rides a thick dick!! Super twink Alex teams up with dark haired John is a great fuck session where Alex once again rides the throbbing hard cock, working it with his perfect ass, sliding up and down as his own solid cock bounces in appreciation. Prepping John’s cock for the hard pounding he wants, Alex squats over the twink and slowly pushes back before he totally owns it, not resting for a second as he wants as much meat being thrust into him, opening up his young tight butt, even showing us his freshly fucked hole as he switches position, watch out you don’t shoot your load there and then!! John teases his ass by pulling out, then in giving him a real ass workout as they kiss passionately. Emptying his balls while John is still pumping inside him, John joins the cumfest as continues to fuck Alex before jerking over his smooth body, mixing both loads together!!

Scene Four: Solo dildo fuck leads to spit roasted twink!! Caught I the act, Michael Jay is interrupted just after he’s been playing with his ass with a big dildo by Fred and John, fresh in from a bike race, these horny boys make the most of the fresh ass by ramming their thick dicks down the twinks throat before using his butt once again, but this time with the real thing!! Lubing his hole up with spit, Fred works a finger or two inside Michael, getting him well and truly ready for the hard fucking the young boy is going to be subjected to. John takes first go at his hole as Fred feeds him a second dick before he gets treated to a daisy chain, fucking skinny Fred and John continues to fuck Michael!! Watch out for John getting both loads over his face, lapping up every drop he can as it pours out of both cocks.

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This is why the Twink Army have been missing the last few days .they were visiting halfords to get there new Wheels image

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