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Naked Kombat -Top Cock Muscled gods oil up - Dirk Caber,Logan Blake
kombatnakedcondomoilsweatboundstringtoysDirk CaberLogan Blake
Cast:                  Dirk Caber,Logan Blake

Date:                  25 March 2015

Muscled gods Logan Blake and Dirk Caber step onto the mat with one thing on their mind, sexual domination. The two oil up their ripped bodies and at the first sound of the whistle, they go at it! After an intense wrestling bout, the loser finds himself suspended from the pull up bar with a dirty jock gagging his mouth as the winner furiously fucks him in mid-air. Tied down on the bench, a dildo gag is shoved into the loser's mouth as the winner enjoy's himself with a ride on the loser's face. The winner finishes off his prize with one final fuck before giving his defeated foe a face full of hot jizz.

Original: 27/03/2015 -matthewmancs
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